We have three categories of rinks that are all size-adjustable. Poly-steel rinks, refrigerated rinks, and plywwood rinks. These three types of rinks make mobile ice rink rental a possibility for just about anyone looking for it. From large-scale commercial uses, to small backyard rinks, we’ve got something for you.

Poly-steel Rinks

Featuring half-inch thick, UV treated plastic panels with a professional look and feel, these rinks are our standard. The boards provide substantial support against expanding water and give you a great rebound for hockey pucks. The sideboards are supported by solid steel brackets that can easily endure the brittle cold. Overall excellent value and great durability.

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Refrigerated Rinks

Our refrigerated rink systems are composed of a chiller, refrigerated mats, manifold box, and a poly-steel rink frame designed specifically for refrigerated rink enclosures. These rinks use chilled liquid glycol (anti-freeze) pumped through mats that sit below the rink to keep the surface ice of the rink frozen in temperatures up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Great for extending the ice skating season.

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Plywood Rinks

Our most affordable ice rink option. Includes all parts and basic installation of the rink installed on a grass and level surface. Great for backyard rinks for kids to skate around on, pickup games of hockey, and casual ice skating. Durable, budget friendly, and totally customizable in terms of size.

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