Refrigerated Rinks

Extend the skating season with a refrigerated ice rink rental. Our refrigerated rinks can operate in temperatures up to 50F, ensuring that your rink can remain operational during some of those crucial days where it’s nice and warm enough to be outside, but not quite cold enough for water to stay frozen.

Refrigerated Rink Features:

  • All the benefits of our poly-steel rinks with refrigeration.
  • Comprised of a chiller, refrigerated mats, manifold box, and poly-steel rink frame.
  • Sub-surface refrigeration allows rinks to stay frozen at temperatures up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • If temperatures reach above 50F, the rink will easily recover once it drops back below 50F.
  • Built with a modular board system, allowing for any size rink to be refrigerated.
  • These rinks are portable. There is no need for a concrete or permanent foundation.
  • At the end of the season, it’s easy to disconnect and store all of the equipment.

How does it work?

These rinks are refrigerated using chilled liquid glycol (commonly known as anti-freeze). The glycol is pumped through mats that sit below the surface of the rink. The mats are sprayed with water, causing all water around the mats to freeze. A temperature senor is connected to a thermostat embedded in the ice to constantly monitor the temperature of the rink. This way, the chiller will only turn on when needed, providing great ice quality and operating as efficiently as possible.


  • Flat, level surface. We need a level surface to within 2 inches across the entire rink area. If installing on a patio or sport court, there’s a good chance that this level requirement is already met. The best way to verify if your area is level enough is to use a laser leveler. It’s best to consult a construction professional if you’re unsure about the process.
  • Electrical power for the chiller. Exact power requirements change based on the size of the rink. For reference, a 20×40 foot ice rink would require 60 amps at 220-240V single phase power at a minimum. 3 phase at 480 volts can reduce amperage demand when wiring for commercial applications. Contact us to discuss your power requirements.

Commercial Uses & Considerations:

Refrigerated rinks are commonly installed next to bars, restaurants, park districts, and other kinds of special events that are intended to generate revenue. Regardless of whether you’re looking to set up a few curling lanes at a bar, or open a large-scale skating rink for a park district, keep in mind when customers are likely to come out!

Cold days are not enjoyable for customers, but when the weather is between 25F and 50F, people have no hesitation in coming out to skate. Your rink has to be operational in those temperatures, and the only way to guarantee it is by refrigeration. Winter can be unpredictable in terms of temperature fluctuations, and it will pay off having your rink frozen during some of the warmer days.