Poly-steel Rinks

Our poly-steel rinks are engineered to the highest quality standard, with boards that offer excellent puck rebound performance, and unparalleled durability year-round.

Deluxe Poly-steel Ice Rink Package

Our deluxe poly-steel rink package includes a 20′ x 30′ (600 sqft) rink along with all parts and basic installation of the rink on a level surface. Delivery fees are based on the distance from our Carol Stream location. Package price is $2,395.00.

Poly-steel Rink Features:

  • Smooth, bright white, half-inch poly panels with a professional look and feel, white ice liner, steel brackets & screws.
  • Poly panels provide amazing hockey puck rebound, and substantial support against expanding water. Engineered for strength, versatility, temperature stability, and superb aesthetics.
  • Panels are water-repellent, and will not hold or absorb water as they are 100% HDPE. The panels also have lap joints for expansion across temperatures, making them good across all four seasons.
  • Panel heights can be either 20″ or 42″ high. Many customers opt to have the ends of the rinks built with 42″ panels for additional stability and safety during hockey games.
  • Total rink sizes are customizable from 300 square feet to 10,000 square feet.
  • Rinks can be installed on grass, hard surfaces, or a combination of the two. However, there are additional costs for leveling rinks or installing pm non-grass surfaces.

Basic Service Includes:

  • Onsite consultation and site evaluation. We figure out where best to place the rink, and identify any slopes or leveling issues that might arise.
  • Construction and installation of the rink sidewalls. We deliver, set up, and secure the perimeter walls of the rink.
  • Liner drop off. We deliver and drop off the rink liner. We do not install it, but can do so as an additional service.

Additional Service Options:

  • Installing liner. We can install the rink liner and secure it to the rink walls. At this point, the rink would be ready to start being filled.
  • Starting the filling of the rink. We can set the water going, and begin filling the rink. This can take several hours, so we can only start the process. It will be up to you to finish it.
  • Post-season Take-down. After skating season is over, we can come and take everything down, pack it up, and haul it away.
  • Summer Storage. We offer warehousing services to keep your rink in a secure, clean environment so that it doesn’t take up space at your house during the off-season.
  • Lighting. To extend skating hours, we offer light installation so that you and your family can enjoy the rink in the dark. It gets dark pretty early in the winter, so this is a popular option.
  • Tenting. Tenting is another commonly rented accessory since it can make the rink usable in heavy snow, provide cover from rain, and help keep rink maintenance to a minimum. It can be a pain to shovel or snow-blow the rink after a heavy snow, and a tent can really help out with that.
  • Safety nets. Safety nets can be useful for preventing stray pucks from taking out a neighbor’s window. Useful when the rink is installed in a backyard.